My GSoC adventure begins

Well as you guessed from the title, I was accepted at Google Summer of Code. The results were declared on 4th May 19.00 (GMT + 3). I searched for coala organization on the GSoC site. I was so nervous. After some delay (~3 minutes) the site worked fine so I could see the View Projects button. I pressed it and I saw the list. 10 people from our organization were accepted! That’s awesome because is our 1st year as an organization.

I scrolled a little and I found my name on the page. I was so happy and proud of myself!!! Well, I think I should talk a little about my projects and why I want to do this. My project Improve the coala CLI is about our command line interface that we use. Why and what functionalities I will bring? That’s for the next week!


Special thanks goes to Adrian Zatreanu and other mentors from coala. I was able to achieve something I never thought I would.


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