Start of Phase 3

Hello again!

As the title says, I’m on Phase 3! Right now I want to add again Executing section <section>... . This was deleted when I changed the ouput. The feedback was that this should be added back.

Then, I want that Chain actions be by default for users. In this way the user can choose to apply a single or multiple actions.

And the last think I want to add is Generate Patches. When you choose this action, you can apply more patches that are different. Something like Apply the patch ('capitalize') and so on (mockup)

See ya in 2 weeks!

End of Phase 2

Today Phase 2 needs to be done.

I added something pretty cool, a history of actions that was applied in a run of coala. I think it works nice. Also, I written API documentation for all of my variables that were used.

I found that it’s really hard to write good code and also good commits messages (my english isn’t that good). For ShowAppliedActions ( history) 1st time I writted bad, because I should only write code in the file designated for that action.

I hope that I’ll finish in time. I want to say thanks to my mentors Adrianzatreanu and yukiisbored for the help!

Mid of Phase 2

Hello, long time no see, right?

I already merged Chain Actions. With this you could choose a set of actions and apply them in an instant. Easy to use right? After you choose this action you will be asked to provide a string made of actions, something like am. a means `(A)pply patch` and m Print (M)ore info. Cool, right?

Today I want to merge 2 more. The 1st of them will ask you if you want to do more actions after you already choose an action. The last one is a flag -A or --single-action. If you choose this flag, you will be asked to choose a single action and apply it all over the results.

I have only one last pr, for this Phase. This one will print for you all the actions made in a run of coala. I think it’s really nice to have something like a history of your applied actions.

That’s for now.

See ya!