Mid of Phase 2

Hello, long time no see, right?

I already merged Chain Actions. With this you could choose a set of actions and apply them in an instant. Easy to use right? After you choose this action you will be asked to provide a string made of actions, something like am. a means `(A)pply patch` and m Print (M)ore info. Cool, right?

Today I want to merge 2 more. The 1st of them will ask you if you want to do more actions after you already choose an action. The last one is a flag -A or --single-action. If you choose this flag, you will be asked to choose a single action and apply it all over the results.

I have only one last pr, for this Phase. This one will print for you all the actions made in a run of coala. I think it’s really nice to have something like a history of your applied actions.

That’s for now.

See ya!

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