Middle of Phase 3


It’s very exciting right now! I’m almost at the end of Phase 3!

What I’ve achived so far:

  1. I added Do (N)othing as an action
  2. I changed the ouput for user more. I think it looks nice right now. You can check it http://imgur.com/a/p8BtZ
  3. I fixed --no-color flag, an old bug. http://imgur.com/BWzn0me
  4. I almost fixed a bug for terminals that shows bad color http://imgur.com/80DEvWe
  5. The pr for chaining action by default is almost complete
  6. Generate patches is almost complete

Also, I’ve reviewed many prs in this period of time!

I hope all of my GSoC collegues finish their assignements in time as I hope to do it!

I’ll make a last post at the end of the phase! I hope I see you there, reading it!

Have a nice time!


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