My GSoC adventure begins

Well as you guessed from the title, I was accepted at Google Summer of Code. The results were declared on 4th May 19.00 (GMT + 3). I searched for coala organization on the GSoC site. I was so nervous. After some delay (~3 minutes) the site worked fine so I could see the View Projects button. I pressed it and I saw the list. 10 people from our organization were accepted! That’s awesome because is our 1st year as an organization.

I scrolled a little and I found my name on the page. I was so happy and proud of myself!!! Well, I think I should talk a little about my projects and why I want to do this. My project Improve the coala CLI is about our command line interface that we use. Why and what functionalities I will bring? That’s for the next week!


Special thanks goes to Adrian Zatreanu and other mentors from coala. I was able to achieve something I never thought I would.


Google Summer of Code

GSoC-Adventure of a Summer

I will start by telling you what GSoC is. Google Summer of Code is an oportunity for those who enjoy spending their time coding and learning. I find myself working with people from coala with a little help for a friend who also works here.

I ¬†know why I like spending a part of my free time working here: to learn, to persevere and to work with an amazing team of programmers that share the same hobby as you. There isn’t something nicer than some people trying to help you understand what and why is working on that project even if he knows you for 10 minutes. Yes, you can start working here just by making a github account and get in touch on gitter. You will find here a bunch of people respected, reliable people who want to help you integrate in there open source programs.

Maybe you will say that I don’t tell all the truth. You are right, I have been in this society for more than 2 weeks, I try to work on there issues in my free time but I also try to stay in touch with my friends and also learn for college. I know I didn’t do much in these 2 weeks because I’m also pressed by college but I’m positive that I can do more in the following weeks.

Even if I will not be accepted on GSoC I will work on coala for understanding and learning more. I hope these lines that I wrote up will make you understand my point of view and I believe that if I enter in GSoC you will read my adventure.