GSoC 2017 Final Report

Hi there! This is the last time I wrote here!

I hope you enjoyed my trip through GSoC 2017. It’s been an awesome journey of 3-4 months together.


Thanks to both of my mentors @Adrianzatreanu and @yukiisbored . Thank you for everything! I couldn’t think of better mentors than you guys! Also I want to Thanks to coala organization, thank you for accepting me in the GSoC program!

Finally, Thanks Google! for such a wonderful program!

What I have done with this project?

With my project Improve the coala CLI I solved bugs, add new functionalities and change the aspect of the output for the user.

This is the latest ouput for the user.

Screenshot from 2017-08-23 14-08-09.png

Bugs were solved, now the --no-color flag works properly.

Screenshot from 2017-08-12 16-33-32.png

Bug with colors for different terminals. (This is LXTerminal)

Screenshot from 2017-08-10 19-11-54.png

Right now Do (N)othing is an action because of a6c376f.
Chain Actions is right now by default. You can now apply multiple actions in a single input 0911078.
Apply single actions was added. You can use flag -A and choose an action to apply for every result 65feb30.
Show applied actions print the latest actions that a user has done in a run of coala 149d59d.
Generate patch action generates a patch for a file based on bears depending on what language did you used in the file 25e019c.

What has been done?

In coala repository:

d75d10a Change output for user.
3e590f5 Change the coafile warning/output
2f0f311 Change the actions name

8a25983 Change the input: Numbers to letters
0eb0be9 Fix the ouput
45a7369 Add Chain Action
65feb30 Add apply-single-action
149d59d Add Show Applied Action
0911078 Make Chain Action default
360a624 Add line number for the diff ouput
2bd16a5 Change Severity line from the ouput
377585d Add line number inside “[ ]” in diffs
530bcd7 Rename
fbb71a1 Add docs for apply single action

d03303c Fix color from the ouput
a6c376f Add Do (N)othing action
f43bd5e Fix --no-color flag
25e019c Add Action: Generate Patches


Aim of the project

With this project we’ve tried to improve the user experience of coala in CLI. Many hours were spend trying to improve the design of it and we hope it’s better. Of course, anything can be improved over and over again.


I worked just in coala repository from github. Most of the work was done in file were I did major changes. Other changes were made by adding new files for every new action and tests for all of them.


I think that the most dificult think was to have 100% coverage from tests. Also I tried to wrote good, clean code that new people could understand it.


It was an amazing trip. I think I learned how to write better code, write better tests. Also I learned how to write a proper, complex review for prs. I’ll continue working under coala and trying to help were I can.


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