Start of Phase 1

Hello there again!

So, the Phase 1 has begun. I started already implementing the mockup that I and with my mentors designed it based on the feedback from the community. I think it looks awesome!

Well, this isn’t easy. I had exams until 16 and I couldn’t do all the work that I would wanted to do for the project. The most problematic think are the tests. They really put you on a difficult position because sometime you don’t understand why it passes/not passes.

I rewrite my code quite a few times. Today was about breaking the pr into smaller prs to be merged faster. Rest asure, I’m doing my work.

The deadline for the Phase 1 is on 26 so I should start merging the prs that I was working on. I think looks good (maybe minor changes can be made). The problem with the tests is that you need to have 100% coverage of your code and that’s really hard. You need to test everything that you added. I like it!

Well, from now on we will see us 2 weeks from now! I hope you enjoy reading it.

Have a nice week. Bye!

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